Mrs. Christina Bolc

South Elementary

Hello! I’m Mrs. Christina Bolc, the South Elementary Art Teacher! I have had the privilege of engaging my students’ creative spirits for the past 15 years. My journey as an educator is deeply intertwined with my lifelong passion for art, which was kindled during my adolescent years. From a young artist in Private Lessons to joining The Art Club in Middle School and eventually becoming an Art Major in High School, my artistic voyage has been everlasting.

My commitment to art led me to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Minor in Art History from Bloomsburg University, as well as, a Certification in Art Education K-12 from Rosemont College.

In my artistic expression, I enjoy the delicate strokes and vibrant hues of watercolor. The way in which the watercolor can flow and blend to create a layered composition is so intriguing. In my personal works, I find an interest in abstract watercolor paintings inspired by the graceful, organic forms of flowers.

Throughout my years in the South Elementary art room, I encourage my students to embark on their creative journey by engaging them with the wonderful world of art that surrounds them. I aspire to help my students discover the power of self-expression through their ideas, thoughts, and emotions. Throughout the art-making process, students learn to build the confidence to explore their artistic potential.

As an art educator, I look forward to instilling a passion for art to empower your students’ artistic voyage where creativity has no bounds and their imagination flourishes!