Mr. Tim Corey

High School

My journey as an artist has evolved from a cherished hobby to a full-time passion and profession. While pursuing a career in the construction industry, I nurtured my artistic inclinations by attending classes at local art centers. I had the privilege of working as an apprentice under the guidance of Karl Kuerner, renowned for his connection to the iconic Kuerner Farms in Chadds Ford, PA.

With a growing desire to become an art teacher and a deeper commitment to my craft, I embarked on a more structured artistic education. I enrolled in formal undergraduate classes at Montgomery County and Delaware County Community Colleges.

Over the years, I’ve had the honor of showcasing my work throughout the Philadelphia Area. Notably, I held a solo exhibition in 2011 at the prestigious Darlington Arts Center in Glen Mills, PA.

My preferred medium of expression is colored pencils and graphite. Although I occasionally experiment with paint and ceramics, my heart gravitates back to the intricate world of pencil work. My artistic creations embrace realism, spanning a diverse spectrum from evocative animal depictions to intricate architectural renderings and finely detailed abstract compositions.

As an artist, I’m always in search of fresh inspiration. I steadfastly resist categorization, as I believe in the boundless potential of my art. I desire to explore the ever-expansive realm of creativity, ensuring that my artistic journey remains open and my horizons continually broadened.