Mr. Chris Bernholdt

High School

Mr. Bernholdt began his art journey at Illinois State University where he achieved a degree in General Art, focusing on drawing, painting, and photography. After graduating, he pursued a second degree in Art Education after teaching for the first time to elementary school students near the college campus during an opportunity to serve the community in what was called “Saturday Art Classes”. He knew after that experience that he was meant to be an art teacher. After graduating, he became a K-8 art teacher for three years before landing a job at Morton West High School in Berwyn, Illinois where he stayed for seven years to teach Basic Art, Photography 1, 2, and AP Photography classes. His love of the darkroom carried over into his endeavors as digital photography started to replace the traditional darkroom experience. As computer programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator became increasingly popular, he took an interest in the ways that technology can enhance our artistic experience. He gravitates towards technology and photography but enjoys the tactile nature and unique experience that ceramics provides for himself and his students. 

Much like my background in art, I could never decide on one area of study that I knew was solely for me. I liked the variety that being an art teacher provided. I love doing photography and ceramics but also enjoy graphic design, drawing, and painting. The medium that I enjoy outside of school is mostly my digital photography. I like capturing fleeting moments in time and representing how I see the world through my photography lens. 

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