Marcy Frankil

Class of 2011

My journey as a designer started at PV’s School District, where I was exposed to the art world as early as kindergarten. However, it was the dedicated art department in high school that played a pivotal role in shaping my path. The teachers who believed in me were instrumental in my development, imparting not only the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and the Adobe suites, but also a relentless encouragement that fueled my artistic journey. 

In preparation for college applications, I was encouraged to enroll in the AP art course and attended summer classes at Tyler School of Art and Montgomery Community College. Following high school, I attended Kutztown University to continue taking art courses while contemplating my career path.

It wasn’t until transferring to Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), a college originally introduced to me by my high school teacher, that I unearthed the boundless possibilities that an art degree could offer. It was here that I discovered my passion for Fibers/Textiles, a field that allows me to blend my two strongest skills: drawing/painting and graphic design.

SCAD’s strong foundation, coupled with its prestigious reputation, unlocked the doors to my dream job – becoming a designer on the Women’s apparel print team at Urban Outfitters HQ! The journey I embarked on was paved by the unwavering support and opportunities provided by the Perkiomen Valley High School art department, which guided me to the college that illuminated my professional potential in the creative realm. 

Today, I design for Anthropologie Home department, crafting artwork featured in various categories like bedding, wallpaper, dinnerware, and upholstery. 

I aspire for my journey to serve as an inspiration for current students who share the extraordinary possibilities that blossom from a nurturing artistic education.